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Each team member brings a unique set of skills, experiences, and perspectives to you brand.

Troy S.

Chief Technical Officer

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With a visionary mind and a relentless drive for success, Troy founded Brandology Pro to revolutionize the digital branding landscape. His strategic foresight and passion for innovation have propelled our company to new heights, setting the standard for excellence in our industry.

Chase M.

Admin Assistant

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With an unparalleled knack for multitasking and proactive problem-solving, he ensures that the office runs smoothly, supporting the team in delivering exceptional service to our clients. Chase's dedication to creating a positive and productive work environment has made him a central figure in our team's success and an invaluable asset to the Brandology Pro family.

Edweena E.

Billing & Subscriptions

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Edweena is the linchpin of financial operations at Brandology Pro, where precision meets reliability in our billing department. Her expertise ensures that client billing is accurate, transparent, and timely, fostering trust and clarity in every transaction.

Maddie R.

Legal Business

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Maddie is the bedrock of legal expertise at Brandology Pro, seamlessly blending legal insight with business acumen. Her strategic legal guidance ensures our clients' initiatives are not only innovative but also compliant, safeguarding their interests in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

James J.

Engineering Manager

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CJames Johnson is the Engineering Manager at Brandology Pro, steering our engineering team with a strategic and hands-on approach. His leadership ensures project precision and innovation, driving the team toward groundbreaking technological advancements.

Currie G.

Technical Engineer

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Currie is a tech engineer at Brandology Pro, renowned for unraveling complex technical issues with unmatched passion. His expertise in diagnosing and solving intricate problems ensures our technology operates seamlessly and efficiently.

Damian O.

Senior Technical Support

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Damian is the technological backbone of Brandology Pro, providing critical support that keeps our digital infrastructure running flawlessly. With a deep understanding of both hardware and software solutions, he troubleshoots with precision and guides our clients through complex technical challenges with ease.
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Titus M.

Tech Expert

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Titus is the WooCommerce wizard at Brandology Pro, enhancing our clients' online visibility and sales with expert precision. His deep knowledge of product SEO transforms e-commerce products, driving significant growth and success.

Our Company Culture

Our Commitment to a Diverse Brand Culture

We are continually committed to a diverse team of talent focused individuals to join our team in collaboration. Our culture is all around fun and productive.

Troy Styles

Chief Technical Officer

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